Werka Nensebo

Werka Nensebo


Region West Arsi, Oromia
Farm Smallholders
Elevation 1950-2100
Varietals Local Varietals
Weight 60 kg
Available 20
Status Afloat
Est. Arrival July 2024


Process natural
Drying Raised Beds
Grade G1
Liner GrainPro


Profile wild
Notes tropical, citrus, berries
Target Score 86

Nearly 850 smallholder family farmers from the Werka village deliver freshly picked coffee to Testi’s Nensebo washing station in the Nensebo district, located in the West Arsi zone. Each farmer cultivates an average of 2-5 hectares of certified organic coffee, managing and picking their own crops before transporting them immediately to the Nensebo station.

Upon arrival, the coffee cherries undergo a quality check by floating in water to remove "floaters." The cherries are then spread over raised beds to dry, with constant rotation to ensure even drying. Any underripe cherries are meticulously picked out during this process. The drying period typically lasts 15-18 days, depending on the weather.

The ideal growing conditions and meticulous attention to detail in organic cultivation, harvesting, and processing come together to produce a uniquely beautiful cup. Expect a vibrant flavor with lots of berry notes, especially strawberry, complemented by a pleasant citrus acidity and a soft, creamy body.

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Werka Nensebo
Werka Nensebo