Tima Natural

Tima Natural


Region Shakiso, Guji
Farm Various
Producer Small Lot Holders
Elevation 1850-2150 masl
Varietals Heirloom
Weight 60 kg
Available 15
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival October 2023
Lot # 010-0545-0196
SKU # CG 28451


Certification ORG
Process natural
Drying raised beds
Grade G3
Liner GrainPro


Profile fruit forward
Notes berries, floral, cocao
Target Score 84

This Natural-processed coffee from Guji is produced by Tima farmer group. The group is composed of producers living and farming in Tima, a sub-kebele located in Guji’s Shakiso district. This coffee has vibrant tropical fruit and complex sweetness. 

This lot was sourced from Sookoo Coffee, a family-owned company led by Ture Waji. Sookoo produces high-quality organic and specialty coffee. Sookoo is named after the Ethiopian word for gold. Like gold, coffee is precious and Sookoo’s name reflects the care and attention they pay to their coffees. 

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Tima Natural
Tima Natural