Bella Aurora

Bella Aurora


Region Nueva Segovia
Farm Finca Bella Aurora
Producer Luis Joaquin Lovo
Elevation 1250-1500 masl
Varietals Caturra
Weight 69 kg
Available 0
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival current crop
Lot # 017-0194-0013
SKU # CG 27758


Process washed
Drying patio dried
Grade SHB EP
Liner GrainPro


Profile classic
Notes orange, caramel, cinnamon
Target Score 84

Bella Aurora, a picturesque 36.5-hectare farm situated at an elevation of 1550 meters above sea level, is under the ownership of Augusto Joaquin Lovo. The estate is enveloped by the lush greenery of guava, banana, and cedar trees, creating a harmonious blend of nature and agriculture.

Augusto Joaquin Lovo's commitment to family tradition is evident in the meticulous care with which the farm is managed. His sons, David and Luis, share in this dedication, ensuring that Bella Aurora thrives as a testament to their shared passion.

Luis Joaquin Lovo is the manager of Bella Aurora, infusing the estate with a deep sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness. The sustainable management techniques employed on this farm mirror the family's commitment to preserving and nurturing the environment.

The Lovo family's ethos of environmental sustainability extends across all their farms, creating a cohesive approach to agriculture that prioritizes both productivity and ecological responsibility. Through their collective efforts, the Lovo's exemplify a harmonious balance between tradition, innovation, and respect for the natural world.

Across each of the three Lovo family estates, an individual wet mill is employed for the processes of depulping and fermenting. During fermentation no additional water is introduced to the coffee. The process spans between 12 to 15 hours, contingent on the ambient air temperature. Subsequently, pristine mountain water is employed to cleanse the mucilage from the parchment coffee. To adhere to proper environmental practices, the wastewater undergoes a comprehensive treatment process involving minerals and enzymes, ensuring its purity before being reintegrated into the ecosystem.

The coffee cherry pulp, after depulping, undergoes an eco-friendly transformation. Combined with calcium carbonate, known as "Cal" to neutralize acidity, and blended with organic elements such as chicken manure, it becomes a nutrient-rich fertilizer. This composting practice not only repurposes waste but also contributes to the farm's sustainable agricultural cycle, promoting both environmental health and the quality of the coffee produced.

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Bella Aurora
Bella Aurora