Jaguara Summer

Jaguara Summer


Region Campo des Vertentes
Farm Fazenda Jaguara
Producer Natalia Brito
Elevation 1040 masl
Varietals Yellow Catucai
Weight 60 kg
Available 0
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival fresh crop
Lot # 002-1998-0089
SKU # CG 28961


Certification Carbon Neutral Farm
Process natural
Drying concrete patios
Grade 15-18 Scr.
Liner GrainPro


Profile fruit forward
Notes passion fruit, star fruit, caramel
Target Score 84

The history of Jaguara commenced in 2001 with Antonio Wander, an agronomist and researcher, along with two agronomist friends, who ventured into planting coffee for the first time. In 2013, the reins of the farm were passed to André Luiz, Antonio Wander's son, and Natália. They embarked on a journey of innovation, employing sustainable planting techniques to maximize the utilization of natural resources.

Nestled in the Campo das Vertentes, a region steeped in historical gold significance, the 90-hectare Jaguara farm specializes in the cultivation of natural coffees. These coffees are characterized by delightful notes of chocolate, plum, and an exceptional sweetness.

Jaguara has been a hub of creativity and progress, witnessing the inception and implementation of numerous projects. The synergy of knowledge and dedication bore fruit in 2019 when, for the first time, they entered the Cup of Excellence contest. One of their micro-batches secured the fifth position among the best Brazilian coffees, boasting an impressive score of 90.47 points.

The farm consistently engages in quality-driven initiatives, with a pronounced emphasis on various fermentation processes, including anaerobic and aerobic methods. They experiment with fermenting coffees in barrels, polypropylene bags, drying boxes, and fermentation tanks, resulting in the creation of distinct and exotic flavors.

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Jaguara Summer
Jaguara Summer