Wahana Estate

Wahana Estate


Region Sidikalang, North Sumatra
Farm Smallholders
Producer Small Lot Holders
Elevation 1300-1500 masl
Varietals bourbon and typica
Weight 60 kg
Available 18
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival Feb 2024
Lot # 0015-01812-0004D
SKU # BB 31206


Process wet hulled
Drying patio dried
Grade G1
Liner Ecotac


Profile classic
Notes tobacco, almond, cocao
Target Score 84

Wahana Estate, founded in 2005 and under the ownership of PT Wahana Graha Makmur, embodies its namesake, meaning "vessels for great success." This reflects the owners' dedication to crafting high-quality coffee and supporting local farmers. Functioning as both a demonstration plot and an experimental farm, Wahana Estate plays a pivotal role in advancing agricultural practices in the region.

On the expansive 250 hectares of Wahana Estate, 13 distinct coffee varieties thrives, including local hybrids such as Rasuna, Long Berry, Andong Sari, Toraja, S795 (Jember), Jantung, and classics like Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, and Typica.

The estate's commitment extends beyond cultivation, as evidenced by the establishment of a farmers' support center. This center serves as a hub for distributing coffee seeds, offering invaluable farm management insights, and providing guidance on the use of organic fertilizers. Additionally, shade trees are distributed to enhance sustainable practices.

With a workforce ranging from 800 to 1,000 local workers, Wahana Estate prioritizes the well-being of its community. Comprehensive amenities include an on-site health clinic, free housing, electricity, potable water, healthcare services, and even a nursery and kindergarten for the workers' children. The estate's dedication extends to constructing places of worship—both a church and a mosque—ensuring diverse spiritual needs are met. Furthermore, the estate actively supports local education by facilitating the acquisition of computers for nearby schools.

Over half of the estate's 468 hectares are adorned with coffee trees, while an additional 30 hectares are dedicated to nurturing local varieties in a specialized nursery. The meticulous process involves cultivating new seedlings in sandy beds, followed by their transfer to polybags for further maturation. These labeled plants are then planted in designated plots.

Environmental stewardship is at the core of Wahana Estate's philosophy, with a substantial portion dedicated to conservation land. This not only safeguards native species but also establishes buffer zones around tributaries, mitigating runoff into local waterways. As a newer estate, Wahana Estate envisions expanding both its coffee production and outreach initiatives to benefit local farmers.

Embracing sustainable practices, coffee trees at Wahana Estate are strategically spaced and shade-grown under indigenous Lamtoro trees (river tamarind). The convergence of production methods and the region's favourable climate in North Sumatra further elevates the quality of the coffees produced, contributing to the estate's reputation in the coffee industry.

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Wahana Estate
Wahana Estate