Pulcal Yellow Bourbon

Pulcal Yellow Bourbon


Region Antigua
Farm Finca Pulcal
Producer Maria Zelaya Aguierre
Elevation 1600-2000 masl
Varietals Yellow Bourbon
Weight 46 kg
Available 7
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival June 2024
Lot # 0011-39783-0029
SKU # CG 31158


Process washed
Drying greenhouse raised beds
Grade SHB EP
Liner GrainPro


Profile exceptional
Notes mango, berries, dark chocolate
Target Score 86
The classic Antigua Finca Pulcal is cultivated on Hacienda Carmona, a historical gem with roots tracing back to 1541 when Don Juan de Carmona arrived in Guatemala alongside the Spanish conqueror Don Pedro de Alvarado. Commencing with the cultivation of various agricultural products, the farm witnessed a pivotal transformation in the late 1800s when the Zelaya family acquired it and introduced Arabica coffee. In 1918, this endeavor marked a significant milestone as coffee from Guatemala was exported for the first time.

Preserving its heritage, the coffee plantation upholds the cultivation of original varieties, namely red and yellow Bourbón and Typica. Situated in the unique microclimate and elevated points of the prestigious soils in the Antigua Valley, Café Pulcal undergoes meticulous processing and washing with crystal-clear spring water from the surrounding mountains.

The estate employs a proactive approach to cultivation, maintaining well-spaced rows of coffee trees. A strategic pruning cycle, occurring every three years, involves selectively stumping one row in three, fostering a healthy balance by allowing more light and air to nourish the remaining trees while integrating young plants into production without disrupting root systems.

Since 1959, Maria Zelaya Aguirre, the third-generation coffee producer, has been the proud owner of Hacienda Carmona. With unwavering dedication, Maria honors her grandfather's and father's legacy, demonstrating a profound commitment to the farm, its people, and an enduring love for coffee and her Cows! 

Currently overseen by Luis Pedro Zelaya and Ricardo Zelaya, the Hacienda boasts its wet mill, while coffee is meticulously dry processed at Finca Santa Clara. In addition to being the site of beautiful Hacienda Carmona, its also home to Carmona Trails, and a Dairy Farm, the estate has undergone a transformative journey, incorporating new varieties such as Java, San Francisco, and Villa Sarchi through replanting efforts over the last several years.
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Pulcal Yellow Bourbon
Pulcal Yellow Bourbon