Finca Carrizalito

Finca Carrizalito


Region Nuevo Oriente
Farm Finca Carrizal
Producer Ricardo Zelaya
Elevation 1000-1200 masl
Varietals Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Pacas
Weight 69 kg
Available 0
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival April 2024
Lot # 011-0731-0003
SKU # BB 30678


Process washed
Drying patio dried
Grade SHB EP
Liner GrainPro


Profile approachable
Notes citrus, caramel, pecans
Target Score 85
Finca Carrizalito holds a special place in Ricardo Zelaya's heart, being not just any farm, but his inaugural venture into the world of coffee cultivation. In 1986, a mere 21 years old, Ricardo acquired this plot of land, marking the start of his journey as a coffee farm owner. This farm served as the canvas where he translated theoretical knowledge gained from his studies into practical experiments, encompassing everything from agronomic practices to the construction of his initial wet mill.

Even today, Finca Carrizalito continues to play a pivotal role as the source of all nurseries that supply the other farms under Ricardo's management and ownership. Blessed with nearly eight months of rainfall annually and enriched soil, this farm provides an ideal environment for nurturing robust baby plants. These resilient plants, having thrived on Carrizalito, seamlessly adapt when transported to other farms for subsequent planting.

Situated in the challenging northwestern part of Guatemala, accessing Finca Carrizalito demands a strenuous 6-9 hour drive. Despite the logistical challenges, Ricardo's commitment to this farm remains unwavering. Beyond its agricultural significance, the farm boasts a distinctive social dimension, hosting a primary school catering to over 100 children. This educational institution, inclusive of a computer lab, not only benefits the youth of the surrounding areas but stands as a testament to Ricardo Zelaya's dedication to the holistic development of the communities associated with his coffee ventures.
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Finca Carrizalito
Finca Carrizalito