Aricha Washed

Aricha Washed


Region Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
Producer Small Lot Holders
Elevation 1900-2150 masl
Varietals Kerume
Weight 60 kg
Available 0
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival current crop
Lot # 010-0276-0557
SKU # CG 28514


Process washed
Drying raised beds
Grade G1
Liner GrainPro


Profile exceptional
Notes berry, lemon blossom, black tea
Target Score 86

More than 800 smallholder family farmers surrounding the Aricha village deliver freshly picked coffee cherries to the nearby Adorsi washing station in the Yirgacheffe district located in the Gedeo zone.

Yirgacheffe is often recognized for the extremely high-quality coffees being grown in the rich and fertile district, and this washed coffee is no exception. With Elevations exceeding 2100 meters above sea level, the coffee grown in Aricha provides a bright and complex cup with a myriad of floral notes, fresh matcha, caramel, subtle spice and a juicy mango flavour that coats the tongue.

The Adorsi washing station is owned and operated by the Yonis family. As part of the quality control process, fresh cherries are floated in water to separate lower qualities before depulping. Traditional disc pulpers are used and the coffee is allowed at least 24 hours to ferment before being fully washed and set to dry on raised beds for 10-12 days on average.

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Aricha Washed
Aricha Washed