El Salvador

Colomba Honey

Colomba Honey


Region Chalchuipa, Santa Ana
Farm Finca Colomba
Producer Mario Valiente
Elevation 1500 masl
Varietals Bourbon
Weight 68 kg
Available 17
Status Afloat
Est. Arrival July 2024


Process honey
Drying raised beds
Grade SHB EP
Liner GrainPro


Profile exceptional
Notes red apple, cinnamon, floral
Target Score 86

Finca Colomba has been an integral part of the Adolfo family for three generations, embodying a legacy that spans back to 1949. In that pivotal year, Adolfo McEntee inherited two properties nestled in the Cordillera de Llamatepec, gracing the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. It was during this time that Don Adolfo commenced the cultivation of bourbon coffee trees on both Finca Colomba and Finca San Francisco.

The stewardship of the farms then passed to Don Adolfo's son, José Adolfo McEntee Batlle, who diligently carried forward the family's coffee heritage. Despite facing the challenges of being kidnapped twice during the civil unrest in the country, José Adolfo eventually migrated to Miami with his son, leaving the management of the farms in the capable hands of Mario Valiente, the owner of Finca Calera.

In a transformative move in 2014, Mario Valiente constructed Colomba's dry mill, ensuring direct control over every stage of the coffee production process, from the farm to export. This meticulous approach to coffee processing reflects a commitment to excellence. Notably, the final quality check is entrusted to a team of ten women, each the head of her household, who oversee the manual sorting process, underlining the farm's dedication to precision and attention to detail in every batch destined for export.

Mario Valiente implements multiple processing methods at the wet mill including carbonic macerated and anaerobic fermented naturals, traditional naturals, honey, fully washed, semi-washed and more. Each process is tasted and stored according to the cupping result.

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Colomba Honey
Colomba Honey