Morito San Ignacio

Morito San Ignacio


Region Cajamarca
Farm Finca El Morito
Producer David Flores
Elevation 1700-1900 masl
Varietals Yellow Caturra, Catimor, Catuai, Red Bourbon
Weight 69 kg
Available 8
Status Spot - SSCS
Arrival January 2024
Lot # 0030-1127-0502
SKU # CG 29374


Certification ORG
Process washed
Drying patio dried
Grade G1
Liner GrainPro


Profile approachable
Notes red apple, plum, molasses
Target Score 84

Multiple producers contributed to this 50 bag lot from coffee producers located in Jaén, Small land holders contributing to the blend - Felipe Estela Molina, David Flores, Yulisa Estela, Roger Chilcon, Lenin Flores, Jorge Chavez. 

Varieties - Yellow Caturra, Catimor, Catuai, Red Bourbon


David Flores, a third-generation coffee producer, serves as the general manager of Finca El Morito. Balancing responsibilities between coffee production and overseeing the El Finca Morito network of neighboring family farms, he plays a crucial role in the farm's success.

Situated in the San Jose de Lourdes district, Province of San Ignacio, within the Cajamarca region of North Peru, Finca El Morito spans 150 hectares. The farm boasts a diverse range of coffee beans, including Yellow Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, Marshall, Catuai, and Catimor.

Employing a meticulous approach, the farm engages in selective harvesting, followed by a waterless pulping process. The coffee undergoes washing and fermentation for 8 to 12 hours in cherry form, and an additional 72 hours in parchment after pulping. The drying process occurs under transparent calamine dryer modules and solar tents, typically taking 26 to 30 days on average.

Setting itself apart, Finca El Morito prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, utilizing compost for coffee cultivation while minimizing fertilizer usage. Nestled within the natural surroundings of the forest, the farm embodies a commitment to harmonizing with the local environment.

Investing in post-harvest technology, the farm features tanks, tubs, drying areas, and warehouses. Moreover, management activities are in place for soil conservation, water utilization, preservation of native species, and the incorporation of compost into coffee trees.

The introduction to Finca El Morito came through the recognition of David Flores' coffees in various specialty coffee shops in Lima. Further exploration of the farm and its practices occurred during a meeting at Expo Caajmarca in November 2022. This coffee expo in San Ignacio serves as a platform for celebrating Cajamarca's coffee producers, hosting auctions and providing industry insights on specialty coffee.

Beyond its agricultural endeavors, Finca El Morito serves as an association, providing employment to over 50 coffee growers, across different parts of the Cajamarca department.

Finca El Morito stands out for its exceptional qualities in aroma, body, taste, and color. The company's commitment extends beyond its coffee, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Choosing Finca El Morito coffee directly supports more than 50 coffee-producing families in San Ignacio, contributing to the sustainability of both the business and the local community.

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Morito San Ignacio
Morito San Ignacio